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i have a boxer's fracture on my right hand (I am right handed). It happened 2 nights ago. The ER Dr. straightened out the bone and the xray afterwards shows the bone was set nicely. I have a half cast with my thumb and first 2 fingers out. There's a little play in the cast and I can wiggle the 4th and 5th fingers a slight bit.

My question is whether or not I should attempt to use this hand at all. I can do some small tasks with the hand (i.e. use computer mouse, brush teeth...) These small things sometimes cause pain, sometimes not. Of course I understnad that the bone is broken so it ought to hurt. What I am wondering is [if the pain is the bone moving and am wondering if using the hand at all will slow healing.


You fractured the bone or you broke the bone?

If you fractured it it shouldn't need setting or straightening.

The severity of the fracture/break shifts any available answers.

Also, it's been a few months.  How is it now?