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i know i have a stress fracture on the distal metacarpal (b/c i have access to x-rays & MRIs)
i haven't gone to the doctor b/c it's not painful unless i put pressure on it and b/c i don't know what the doctor may be able to do for me... do i need to have a splint? a cast? or just rest it?


Hi there,

I am not sure how come you are sure that you have this if you didn’t do any tests at the hospital and you didn’t see your doctor. In my opinion you should talk to your doctor about this no matter if you have any pain or not. I think that you might be able to treat this without surgery. I know that some severe stress fractures require surgery in order to treat the them correctly. Also doctor will be able to tell you more about the treatment options if he examines your hand and wrist. I hope that this was helpful in any way.

Best wishes,