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My boyfriend wakes up in the morning & goes straight to the fridge & grabs a beer & if hes out & up early (liquor store dont open till 9am)he will go back to bed till then & he will jump out of the bed & head straight to the liquor store,buy 2 18 packs of beer.We dont go out of town to do nything bcuz hes always gotta have a beer or in his possession. I refuse to drive nywhere if he wants to take beer with him & it always turns into a fight cuz of it.He will say & do things when hes drunk & for that first few hours of soberness he will question those things & say he didnt say or do those things & accuse everyone of whatever it was (HE NVR TAKES THE BLAME FOR ANYTHING AT ALL)He wakes up in the middle of the night & drinks beers like its water & goes straight back to bed.I tell him hes an alcoholic & he says no I can I can stop drinking any time I want.How do I get him to go get help & to stop drinking?


Hi Worried,

Leave him.

He won't change until you do.  As long as you stay around he's getting exactly what he wants, support.  Only HE can make the mind up to stop drinking so make it hurt.

Once he seeks treatment then reconsider but until then you must give him an ultimatum, treatment or I leave - and MEAN IT.

Good luck.