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i just want him to be really attracted to me

im 16 and i have size 36 C breasts, 5ft tall and about 115lbs
i was considering breast augmentations to make my breasts look bigger but i already have big boobs. if i got bigger boobs would that make him want me more? i consider myself very curvy. i mean i have a really big butt..

im not trying to be cocky or anything. i just want to explore ideas to see what i can do to seem more attractive to my boyfriend.

we have been together for 3 years now. hes two years older then me. i know he loves me. but i guess im just self conscious around him.

our sex life is amazing... but it seems like i give more then i receive. i do it to him like 6 times a day whenever i see him. whenever he asks i do it. i have been trying to say no when he asks me but it doesnt really work because i end up doing it. i wanna feel good too..

he used to do it ALOT. way more then i ever gave him head. but i dont know what has changed. i mean, in the middle of the night when we're sleeping together, he grabs my hand and puts it in his pants and i give him like a 10 sec ha****b then we both fall asleep. he touches me down there. but he doesnt finger me as much.

im thinking, is it because i have mirena iud in? that he doesnt want to feel the strings? he was there with me when i had it put in. i dont know what is stopping him.

i want to receive it more, i love the feeling. sometimes sex doesnt feel as good and im not in the mood most of the time because i always give him head, and then we go straight into having sex. i wanna feel turned on and extra hyped. i get that feeling after he gives it to me.

but other then that, it seems boring to me.

also, when he does do it, its for a short period of time.

i want him to be able to do it for a bit of time, while doing it good.

how can i get him to want to do it?

ive already tried telling him i want it more, he ignores it...
i even wear really sexy outfits, hoping he'll do it.

when i dont get it i feel as if i need to use my vibrator to fulfill my needs and feelings..

im not saying our sex is bad... its actually really great.. i just feel as if its missing something..


I don't understand the obsession with breast implants, apart from the media ramming images of big breasts down our throats. Do you really want to know what is sexy to a man? SELF CONFIDENCE. When you have a poor self image that will translate through your body language and men perceive it, it’s a huge turn off. Be proud of what you got. At 16 your body is probably as sexy as it will ever be, gravity has not taken its toll and years of eating junk food haven't accumulated on your body.

You probably do give more than you receive; he's too young to know how to treat a woman. In the beginning he was putting forth all the effort because he was trying to get the prize, now he's got it...and from what you say he can have anything he wants anytime...why would he put forth any effort? True love is what you are missing in your relationship. It has nothing to do with your IUD, it has nothing to do with your boob size, and it has nothing to do with your looks. He's a slave to his hormones and you are a convenient outlet for him so he'll treat you just good enough to keep it coming (no pun intended).

Sex is tricky and really complicates things. Sex will get in the way of feelings so it’s hard to know if you are in love or in lust. I'm no saint, I started having sex too young and thought I was in love and married the wrong person and now we've put a child through a divorce and complicated another life. I was behaving exactly like the guy you are describing and my ex was just like you, she was very giving of herself and generous and that made me think I loved her. I had no clue what love was, I don't think I really learned about love until my late 20's or 30's when my penis finally started letting my brain do some of the thinking.

If you can't attain enough sexual satisfaction by yourself and need a partner, try to keep a clear head about the relationship and don't get confused with the reality of things. Your prefrontal cortex won't fully develop for years so rational thinking is extremely difficult at your age, I'm speaking from experience.

Whatever you do, don't let ANYONE distort your body image or make you feel poorly about yourself. Your self confidence is the MOST important thing you can keep and the absolute most attractive aspect of your character. You only have 1 chance to do things right, try to make the most of it.


Honestly, if you look the way you sound, there is nothing you can do to make yourself more physically attractive to him. If its been 3 years, he's probably just bored (its not your fault, just the Y chromosome at work lol).

What I would do is flat out tell him your bored. Tell him he's not turning you on anymore. Hopefully, that'll hit his ego and he'll try to prove himself by being super sexy.

But please don't change the way you look! Do you have any idea how many men would kill to have a 5ft 115 pound curvy girlfriend with C cups and a nice butt that gives him sex everyday?! If he can't give you what you want, there'll be a line of guys who will give you that and more.