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I understand this will make me seem crazy, but I don't know what else to do.  Here goes.  

I met my boyfriend about four years ago on an online game.  We started a long distance relationship (we were about 14 years old, so it wasn't anything serious) and we broke up about a week into it for whatever reason (The whole relationship was a lie.  He and his friends used to date girls on the game and dump them for fun.  They would do it together, so I was technically "dating" three guys at one time and all the while, I thought I was dating one guy!  It was very messed up...).  I didn't talk to him for years, and he entered my life again last summer (June or July).  

At first, he was rude and I didn't care for him much at all.  He called me an attention w**** on my birthday because I was a bit upset that the guy I liked didn't remember my birthday after I told him the day before.  So I didn't talk to him much until October when he somehow stole my heart.  

We video chatted one night and he was telling me all the things I wanted to hear.  It was like he flipped a switch from jerk to prince charming.  He told me the truth about what happened years ago and apologized for it and I forgave him.  He told me that he never stopped loving me and that the only reason he distanced himself from me was because he thought I would be happier without him, but then he "realized that's not true."  I was so naive and desperate for attention (I guess he was right about being an attention w****!), and took him back within two days.  

On Halloween, I was spooked by certain things after watching some horror films, naturally.  I was joking around with my boyfriend about demons and he said, "Don't worry, I've got a Bible and a little glass angel figurine in my night stand that will protect us."  He turned around to show me the angel, but it was gone.  Then all of the sudden, we heard a loud thud outside of his room.  He went to go see what it was and he brought back his angel figurine, chipped.  It had fallen on the floor in the middle of the hall somehow.  There was nothing for it to have fallen off of or have a cat knock it off somehow... it was just unexplainable.  I didn't think much of it because I didn't believe in ghosts or anything, but he had a very concerned look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "You're just going to think I'm crazy."  He eventually told me that he hears and sees demons, monsters, and ghosts.  He told me that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age thirteen, but that he only admits to that to help his parents pay the bills with the social security he gets every month.  He doesn't take medication because it makes him gain weight.  

That same night, he told me about a demon that follows him around and has been with him for years.  He said that sometimes he plays with a balloon in his room.  So he lifted his webcam so I could see the balloon and it was moving all by itself.  At first I thought, "It's just the air moving it," but then the balloon went straight down towards him.  He pushed it back and it was like they were playing with each other with the balloon.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  At this point, I believed everything he said.  

Throughout our long distance relationship, sometimes he would become possessed by demons who wanted to kill me.  He would tell me that the only way to prevent bad things from happening to me, my family, my friends, or my boyfriend was to inflict pain on myself.  One day in January, my boyfriend told me that if I didn't leave to live with him, he would die.  I didn't want to leave, what with prom, graduation, and college right around the corner, not to mention leaving my family (which means everything to me) and my friends behind.  He would say things like "I would rather kill myself than have them kill me."  I was so afraid that he would kill himself if I didn't come, so I left.  

Since I've been here, strange things continue to happen.  Drinks mysteriously disappear.  My boyfriend will pour a glass of soda, we'll turn our backs for nearly two seconds, turn back around, and the glass is empty and set in the sink.  One day, we were in the bathroom and all the sudden there was a loud thud from his room.  His laptop had been thrown on the floor, cups knocked over, and a box thrown across the room (a cat did run out of his room when we went to go check, but everyone determined that there was no way the cat could have knocked over the laptop with the restraints being on the bottom of it).  He also says that he remembers me from a past life, and that we were once angels in Heaven.

But even with all of the strange things happening, I still had my doubts about everything.  I took off to go back home one day.  It turned into a huge ordeal, and I ended up going back to my boyfriend because I was afraid he was going to kill himself again.  He told me that my family wanted to kill me as a sacrifice so they could become gods, and that my dad was possessing him when he took his sword to his chest.

I've been back for a couple of months now.  My boyfriend told me that things would be different and that I would be happier, but everything is the same.  Ever since we started our relationship, he's told me that demons inflict pain on him constantly, so he never wants to do anything.  The only thing that makes him feel better is sitting around, doing nothing, playing video games.  And if that didn't sound convenient enough...

We were going to see a movie (he, his brother, and I) and he was all up for going, until we discovered that the movie he wanted to see wasn't playing.  We suggested another movie we had been wanting to see and all of the sudden, his pains start kicking in.  Also, sometimes I ask him to go for short walks just to get some fresh air because we hardly ever leave the house.  He hates just walking down the street and back because it hurts.  But when his cousin (who lives directly down the street) has a new video game he wants to bring home and play, he hops right up from his chair to go get it.  

These situations make me believe that he is just schizophrenic, and that everything I gave up wasn't even worth it.  But so many things have happened here that I can't explain, and it scares me.  He always uses the excuse "How could it not be real if I remembered you before I even met you?" 

If I'm wrong and I go back home, my parents might try to kill me.  I'm so scared and confused, all because I'm just too naive and probably crazy.


go home.
it's the best for you, and you're the one being most affected by this situation.
it's up to him and his parents to take care of his health problems - he has been given medication, but it is up to them to administer it and monitor him.
as far as the demonic activity - it could be part of his health issue, or it could be reality... regardless, you want to be as far away as possible from that type of situation.
when you yourself can classify your relationship as manipulative, it's no longer a relationship - it's a power struggle, and you're losing - the threat of his suicide is controlling you... leave the situation.