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I noticed a few days ago that my bra didn't fit quite right on my left breast. I have also noticed a small bruise in that area. The bruise is gone, but the swelling is still there making that breast much larger than the other. There is a little bit of tendernous, but not alot. I am not sure what this is since I have never had it before.


I don't know if anyone has read my post and had the same problem, but I did finally get into the doctor and they sent me for a mamogram. There was nothing there. They said it might be a cyst that has leaked and I would just have to some fluid drained off. Don't know if that helps any of you out, but thought I would let you know.


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Good news for you! ... and the sudden swelling came from??

It's interesting that a lot of women don't know that frequent breast self examination is the best method to discover possible tumor development. You did very good move and went to doctor. This is exemplary for every woman!

Thanks God you're clean!

Take care!