I am 26 years old. I got my first period at the age of 11. I’m sexually active, I have never been taking birth control pills, I have never been pregnant, my periods are always regular. I drink coffee, I smoke (7-8 smokes a day max). My breasts are medium size (34c), but my left breast is slightly bigger, and the areola quite bigger then the other one (noticed it at the age of 16-17). When I was younger, they used to react the same way to the menstrual symptoms - they would become swollen and painful to touch about a week before the period. However, few years back, the bigger one started to be more sensitive and more painful than the other one before my periods, and with time I started to feel pain (to the touch) in the bigger one earlier than in the other one. The bigger one is also more sensitive to caressing (the nipple). I don't remember feeling any constant pain in it other than cyclical, I only rarely feel short sharp stabbing pain. I've always had painful periods, on the 1st day of periods I regularly have stomach cramps, breast and back pain, and the pain in breasts usually eases off after 2-3 days of the period. Right now, I’m feeling pain to the touch on the side and below of the bigger breast, although my period is 11 days away. The other one feels perfectly normal, no pain in it. Also on my bigger breast’s areola, I have few small brown marks, one of them has two 1mm black dots on its side (noticed it few years back), and the Montgomery’s gland right beside it seems a bit bigger than the others.
I perform self-examination from time to time, and haven’t noticed any pain or lumps other than the usual ones. I had a complete body check 1 year ago, including breast examination, chest x-ray and the blood test, and wasn’t told of any anomalies. I’d like to know is it normal that the bigger breast is more sensitive than the other one, and hurts more and earlier before the period? What are the chances of having breast cancer/tumor/cyst with these symptoms? Can any of the breast pain be caused by exercising/working out? If anyone has experienced something similar, or knows anything about this, please reply. Thanx.