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I know that this sounds silly, but I have fair sized breasts and find that I get these little zits is the best way that I can describe them. They are a little raised lump that is almost looking like Chicken skin on an uncooked chicken if you can understand what I mean. it is mostly around my nipple area but I do get them in other places on my breast. I normally find them when Im showering and will break them. I know that sounds gross, but what can I say..I cant leave them alone!! They do not hurt and it is almost like a thick solidified piece that will come out of these Zits. Am I alone and should I tell my doc about it? I have had my mammogram and a Breast Ultrasound and I am all clear. Just wondering if this is something totally out of the ordinary. Oh ya, I am also 45 years old if that makes a difference!!
Thanks for any suggestions or verifications!


Sounds just like normal sweat glands, as found on breasts and penis - if you have no other reason to be concerned, then I'd say they're yours to do with as you see fit.

If you're concerned, you can always go ask your doctor.