I have large breast and have frequent rashes. The past week I had a terrible itchy rash on the inside of both breast. Raised red cluster of bumps. A few days later, By the time I got some creme. my rt breast was red swollen and hot. The cortisone took the rash down but left me an injured breast with ridges and bumps.
I am 49 and first year of non menses. I had an annual mamogram 1 month ago that was okay. I have been so upset because all my symptoms sounds like IBC and I am afraid!! I went to the gyn ,,I was put on doxocycln and med dose pack. If it does not clear or get better in 3 days I must go get a biopsy.. Today I have hardly any reddness or heat and the does pack is helping the itch. I am left with cord like bumps under the skin and a minor rash still on inside top of breast. I got overheated today and the rash popped out again. I am sitll itching some. I am losing it..Does this sound like IBC ? I can find nothing of what this might be on the info pages any where
thank you for the reply