When I was born I had both physical and emotional challenges. Over the years it put such a strain on my mom because of the resentment my dad had for me. I'd go on to have a brother and sister and he'd tell them that I was crazy and that I didn't need to be a part of their lives. The resentment along with other issues would lead to our parents getting divorced. Refusing to accept me my siblings have tried to get their own children to see me as what they were taught to. It hurts to know that now that I'm on total disability that should I need help and not a handout that they resent me so much that they tell me they can't help. The people in our town know of some of the reasons for their behavior but can't get thru to them that brothers and sisters shouldn't act like what they are toward me. All 3 of us are over 40 but the hurt remains. When I need just a small amount of help. i.e. part of a repair bill they give me every reason why they shouldn't help. I love them but I just feel isolated.