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I'm a 28 year old male, my mother is almost 50 and has my three much younger siblings in her custody. I am worried about her and them and I have been cut off from contacting them because of my mother's insistance that I have been turned into one of the devil's minions and that I am influenced by him. I am pretty sure that she is schizophrenic. She thinks that Warren Buffet (the richest man in America) is "after" her and that he is sending people to go through her things at night to gain information on her or something. She also thinks that she is a prophet and has a whole blog dedicated to her "ministry" which is full of a lot of untrue information, like things from my childhood that I remember that she has changed to make it easier for her to believe. I've also recovered memories of her molesting me as a child. I'm not worried that she will do the same to my siblings though as it seems as if it was an isolated incident. Many times while I was growing up she wouldn't let me sleep in my own bed because she thought there was a red-faced "creature" looming over us that she needed to protect me from. It was just me and her back then and she was young and scared...sometimes she held me so tight at night that it hurt. As I got older she started to think that she could control/communicate with UFOs with her mind and began obsessing about ETs and alien abduction. I was so scarred from her obsession that I had irrational fears of "aliens" or other things that go bump in the night until I read a book on the physics of space travel and became aware of the impossibilities involved in even traveling within our own galaxy, let alone others. There have been other things as well. I'm pretty sure she has auditory hallucinations because she says she can hear God speaking to her.

Does this sound like schizophrenia?

I also wonder if she may be really, really bipolar because sometimes she's not as bad and functions ok. She hasn't held a job down in years and she and my father are "grifters" and he is in jail right now for a bunch of felonies.


Sorry about your mom, but she needs some serious therapy, maybe even on an in patient basis for a while.
I think i would be more worried about your younger brothers and sisters being in her care and control with no other "normal" adult in the household.
There is medication that will help her live a normal life, but you should find a way to get her some help. Is there any way you can make contact with one or all of your siblings? Can you see them at school? Is there school in close enough proximity to you where you can just show up one day?
You need to talk to them and see whats going on in the home. You may need to bring in CPS. Are you in a situation where the kids can live with you or are their grandparents or aunts/uncles to help? Maybe the adult family members can split the care of the kids, everyone can pitch in. If they have a place to go within the family, CPS will not put them into a Foster situation.
Your mom really needs some help here, your the oldest and the most in tune to the problem, so it looks like you have to be the one to somehow start the ball rolling.
Just make a phone call, tell them whats going on and make sure you tell them that the other kids will have a place to go (if they do) The authorities will take care of the rest. You would not be doing a bad thing at all and your mom will find that she can eventually live a normal life.
Wow, why hasn't this been taken care of before this. This was going on when you were little.


I am in another state. When I was growing up we moved about every 9 months and then after I was barred from the family there would be periods where we wouldn't know where they are. I know they're in Nebraska now and I got a lawyer to advise me that is in Nebraska because I am in Chicago. I have emailed my brother that just turned 18 but he and possibly my sisters too don't like me because they are deeply religious and I am not. It is hard to see where the religion ends and the madness begins, I know because when I was living with her I had a hard time separating reality from her delusions.

The hard thing about this is she is very paranoid and won't tell anybody their address, not even my grandma...all we know is what town there are in. The kids haven't ever been to school except for the 18 year old who stopped going after 2nd grade. She's "homeschooled" them. I am hoping that CPS will remove the kids based on neglect and they can either live with me or with my aunt, but we are both in different states.

I am not afraid of making a phone call, I am afraid that she will be very convincing that everything is "fine." That's what happened when I was a kid. Every time CPS came into my house I was coached as to what I should say...and she is very controlling. Home life was similar to being in a cult that she is running. My saving grace was that I had a few years before she started to get really delusional and I was also enrolled in school so that I was in the real world nearly every day. My brother and sisters aren't...all they know is her reality. And it's wrapped up in religion and to question her beliefs is to question the validity of christianity and I think that's something the other kids are afraid to do.

I am going to call CPS...I just don't know what good it will do if I don't know exactly where they are.

Thanks for your response, bbfeet9.



There isn't much CPS can do about your 18 years old sibling, he is now considered an adult. There are always ways to track someone down via a social security number, and if the situation calls for it, the authorities can find her phone number and where she lives.
They can also go thru your dads jail records and get an address that way, but in order to do all of this investigating the situation has got to be critical.
If you feel the kids are in a "life threatening" environment, make that known to the CPS, but i'm not sure that this situation would be considered critical enough. There is such a fine fine line between abuse and normalcy in the eyes of the law. What would be hideously appalling to you or me could be looked at in a different light with them.
Look at the Warren Jeffs situation, it took them forever to finally move in on that one then the children were eventually returned back to their homes. I don't know what is considered normal anymore to some people.
After thinking about it, you are a good brother, but there is only so much you can do now. Your oldest sibling has got a brain and hopefully he will realize that this is not a healthy situation and try to seek you out.
A phone call to the authorities will not hurt. If they tell you that there is not much that can be done you will just have to take it at that, i'm sorry, but maybe one day your family will come find you.