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So my last period began March 4th and everything was fine.
Well I flew on a plane March 9th and went to see my boyfriend...
We had sex 3 times while I was there and used a condom every time.
He nor I have any STDs or HIV or any of that mess.
Well I flew back home shortly after that and now its a day or so after being home that Im having a heavy flow of brown spotting.. Almost that of a period but not... Its DARK DARK DARK brown... No pink or reds.. just a heavy icky brown mess for 2 days now.. THIS is generally my ovulation period because before I left and got back on a plane my ovulation was the normal clear color.

My period isnt due til April 2nd roughly. [Im usually a 30 day'er -- 32 at the most.]

Any ideas?


dat sometimes happens 2 me too.
I asked my mom about it , and it wasnt easy ..
but she said it was normal.
and I'm perfectly healthy. :-)
but if u just wnna be sure go ask ur doctor.
it might be embarrasing but u knw ; a gurls gtta do wat a girls gtta do.