So okay someone let me know what's going on. I had sex March 7 protected.. 3 days later on March 11 I had my period it lasted til March 16 of course a normal period. This wasnt a light period it was a normal one like I always have.. they say if you're pregnant your period is light pink or light but mines wasn't like that it was normal. But anyways so after my period left Ive been living a normal life until i decided I was gonna start birth control. Now you're supposed to take birth control on a Sunday but I was stupid and took mine Last Wednesday I believe now yesterday which was a wednesday I wiped and saw a little bit of a brown discharge I thought i probably cut myself so I didn't worry. But TODAY which is thursday I had a brown reddish blood like discharge when I wiped and I wanna know why? I dont think its a possibility Im pregnant I belive it's because I took the birth control and got off of it. Someone let me Know? I need answers.... Preshhhh