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hi I hit my arm at work and it caused a huge bruise on my right arm, which was about 3 w ks ago now I have noticed a small pea size lump im just unsure what it is but I have also noticed that my arm has started aching alot around that area, any ideas !!!


What part of the arm did you have the bruise on?  Is it on a bone or just the fatty part of your arm?  You just may have a small hematoma that has developed under the skin that could be pressing on a nerve causing pain around that area.  It should eventually go away but it could range from a month to six months or longer.  My daughter hit her foot and though there was no fracture, she had a knot that lasted about 6 months on top of the affected foot.  If your lump gets bigger, however, you may want to have a health professional look at it.