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i have been jacking off since i was 11 i am 12 now. i have discovered a hard pimple around my pubic area and it hurts. is this a promblem?


If it is a pimple, and has a white head; try popping it by squeezing, of course, this will be a little painful. This happens to most guys. It is not from masturbation, it is from puberty, you more than likely have hair coming in down there and one is a wild hair, if that is the case, pluck it, then squeeze. Repeat this several times after a little blood comes out (This is how I used to get rid of them) and let it swell back up, the next day pop it again. Continue to wash it every day though, that is another big thing, use a good old-fashioned bar of soap that you can buy for 98 cents.