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3 days ago i noticed a medium sized bump the color of my skin on the outter lip of my vagina. About 5 days prior to seeing this bump i shaved near that area using shaving creme. It does not hurt. I haven't had sex in 9 months and i used protection when i did. Could I have irritated my skin by shaving and using the shaving creme? Please reply.


It is certain that you could. I get these all the time. They are not always on my labia (vaginal lips), I kind of have sensitive groin area and often get these so called cysts. Sometimes, it takes months for them to disappear because I usually squeeze and squeeze without removing the hair, which is hidden somewhere inside under the skin and is causing all the trouble.

I can usually see white stuff under and maybe even some blood is I pick it for too long but I am sure this is just a cyst or a regular pimple that we may get down there as well.

I don’t think it is an STD since 9 months is too long for any outbreak, and if it were an outbreak, they would probably appear in clusters.

I would recommend you not to pick, although it may be hard. It will go away sooner that way. If you happen to see a hair down under and there’s an opportunity to take it out, do so and the bump will disappear soon after.