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I shaved my area. ..apparently with an old shaver that was the worse i got bumps then it turned into soars feom scratching it...i need a method to shave my pubic hair! I dont know what to use to treat the cuts!


Razor bumps occur when a newly shorn hairs grows back to re-enter the skin. As it continues to pierce and embed itself into the skin, a bump will appear as a sign of injury.


Ingrown Hairs occur when a newly shorn hairs is cut in a way that the hair grows beneath the skin's surface. As it continues to grow under the skin, a bump will appear as a sign of injury.

If it's not any of these you should see your doctor for help.

Here are some preparation tips:1. Examine your shaving method.If you use a creme to remove hair or use a manual razor, the removal method matters. Shaving upwards with the latter pulls the follicle upwards as well leaving the newly shaved hair with a sharp angle and below the epidermis: surely an ingrown hair waiting to happen.2. Shave with the grain, meaning in the direction that the hair grows.This is usually in a downward direction, although you should whip out a magnifying glass to be certain.3. Prevent by exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells. Hair has to be trained, or teased to grow properly and exfoliating will aid in that growth. To stop ingrowns the key is prevention. 4. Use Face mapping Face mapping determines the direction in which you should shave so that it’s consistent with beard growth. Sometime hair under the chin and neck grows sideways so examine your stubble.5. If you have brown skin, please do a LOT of homework before using laser treatments to remove the hair permanently. Now onto the shaving tips:Pre-Heat with a hot towel or hot compress.Exfoliate beforehand for 1-2 minutes to scrub away dead skin cells and dirt.Hair grows in different directions, usually downward but double check to be sure as the hair grows in various directions around the body.Shave with the direction of hair growth (usually downwards) with a single or at most double blade razor.Use a very light pressure being careful never to pass more than 1-2 times.Exfoliate before bed and in the HOT shower next morning.Use mild after shave balm; organic, non-stinging kinds are best.Some lotions clog up your pores, preventing the hairs from growing out and in the proper direction. Considered an light, after shave moisturizer.When it comes to razors: buy ones with 1 or not more than 2 blade razors. CAUTION: The more blades the more irritation and chances for bumps. The more passes you make with the blade in one direction, the more irritation. Solution: fewer blades, fewer passes. This prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn.


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