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My recent blood test shows BUN at 23, and my Creatinine at 1.3, which are very close to and/or over the max of their normal range. However, my BUN/Creatinine ratio is 18.

I was placed on an anti-viral drug for Shingles and these lab tests were done 2 months later. I am wondering if it could have been the anti-viral drug that could have affected the kidney causing an elevation in the BUN and Creatinine levels.

Should I be worried and have further tests done so I can start early treatment if need be.


Hi there,

BUN and creatinine ration is the ration between two serum laboratory values. I think that BUN stands for blood urea nitrogen. If these numbers are not alright you might be suffering from several conditions like acute kidney injury perhaps. There are several other conditions that might involve abnormalities in these tests like gastrointestinal bleeding and problems with older age where your muscles mass is decreased. The fact is that you have problem with your kidneys so my suggestion would be that you go to your doctor and run some test for kidney conditions. I think that this can be treated as long as underlying condition is not too severe. I hope this helped.

All the best,