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I had bunions removed from both feet 3 months ago (20-09-05), l am experiencing pain when walking very slowly. I cannot bend my feet properly when l walk and can only wear one pair of shoes. After returning from a trip to the supermarket l am in pain for 2 days afterwards and am confined to the house. When will l be walking normally without pain and what is the normal recovery time for this type of operation?



Hi there! Believe it or not you are not the only one who is experiencing post bunionectomy pain several months after. I met women who had pain 9-12 months after having bunionectomy done.

I was thinking of having bunionectomy done for cosmetical reasons, I had no other problems. When I heard about the after pain and discomfort I decided to pass. I was advised not to undergo this surgery if I had no problems.

Did you have a check-up to see the progress of the bone healing? What did they tell you?
I think that the pain should go away within 3 months but it seems as if it was individual.