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I had bunion surgery on July 5th, 2006. I have a popping sound in my foot when ever I walk. I can feel the bone popping or cracking. I also have significant pain in my foot still- as well as swelling. Are these symptoms normal 3 months after surgery?

Thank you



Overall would you say that the surgery was worth it?

I have terrible bunions which hurt a alot and tire me even for walking.

I gotten to the point where the bunion ripps my shoes ,

even if I bought the shoes 2-3 weeks ago and they are wide.

So I scheduled a surgey and I am looking for information on wether the cons are not as high as the prons.

Anyways my bunionectomy or whaterver the name is

is tommorrow at 9:00 a.m and

I can't help being extremely nervous.

So I am thinking that maybe I sould stop reading the bad cases and focus that hopefully in the future I will lose the pain and stop being embarresed about my feet.Because well I am not close to having the confidence OPERAH has to take my shoes off when my feet are so deformed.

If everything is okay do you know how much time I have to wait after surgery to schedule a new surgery for my other foot?

And I really hpoe that you go to the doctor and that your foot is okay.

Well It has always been a dream of mine to wear sandals and get a pedicure in a salon,maybe that's what I sould remember and maybe I will be able to do this.

Thanks and sorry if I did not answer your question . So from someone who does not have the most minimal idea I use common sense and tell you that does not sound normal and you should talk to your doctor.

Well,again ,thanks-i'll keep you posted and recover.Bye


I am having the same popping and I am only 1 week out of surgery. I hope nothing is going wrong!!