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It is red around both eyes and a little swollen. My eyes tear alot and vision is slightly blurry but no pain. Can you help?


Hello there

This could be some kind of eye infection. The most common eye infection is conjunctivitis and the symptoms you have described resemble this condition. I have problem with conjunctivitis very often and in my case it is allergic conjunctivitis. This nasty condition can be caused by virus or bacteria as well.   

Sometimes this condition is called pink eye because of the color of your eyes. Symptoms of this condition can get even worse so if you are experiencing only these few consider yourself lucky. Sometimes I get sensation like someone is scratching my eye.

Treatment for pink eye is usually warm and compresses whatever feels better in your case. In my case because it is allergic reaction cold compress feels much better. I hope this was helpful and that you will feel better soon.