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I have been having burning in my stomach a lot. About 2 years ago i went to the doctor to check if it was an ulcer. The results were negative. Ever since the 3rd grade i was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). None of my friends experience the pain i feel so its hard for them to help me out. I get an intense pain in my stomach and feel very hot and my heart starts beating erratically. I get very dizzy and nauseous. So i need some help figuring out what it is.


A doctor or naturopath who works in functional medicine can help you find out what the pain is.

From the sound of your symptoms you may have a food intolerance. It takes time and effort to uncover which food is the culprit, but its well worthwhile. To start off with, suggest that you start keeping a food and symptom diary; this might give you some ideas as to which food it is.

Hope this helps

Regards, Olwen :-)