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Right now my vagina is burning and sore, especially around my vagina opening. It burns a bit when I pee, The whole area is red and feels swollen. The only time it  really hurts though is when I'm wiping after going to the bathroom. Also I noticed when I'm wiping there is blood, light greenish discharge and a funny smell.  After about 10-20minutes it stops hurting and i can walk run and do whatever i need to. I have also just gotten off my period on the 22nd, and I use tampons, the pain has been happening since December 24th. On top of it I'm also on medication for an upper respiratory infection that i've had since the 21st . I would really like to know what to do with out going to the doctors at the moment as its impossible to get to my family doctor  on such short notice.



its sounds like you have a yeast infection, you can get that from being on antibiotics

theres an otc monistat after like 2 times useing it you will feel better. go get it its not gonna go away on its own!