I have had these symptoms for two years now. They started syddenly first very little burning sensations, Now unbearable. I am extremely anxious, irritable, getting upset fast. Had extremely stressful situation in the past. This sweating and tingling drive me crazy. I cant hold my girlfriend's hand even. It adds to my stress and anxiety. I am anxious when I meet people I see the first time. Two years ago i had no such bothersome symptoms. No diabetes, blood work negative. Was 15 years on pschotropic meds. Three years free. What could that be? Would you recommend a neurologist? What coud i take for that? Court papers make me extremely anxious and nervous even before I open an envelope. I cant master my anxiety. My palms sweat terribly too. I cant take it any more. I am very easily upset and irritable and nervous. Help! Also, my hands are often very cold.