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Hi I'm Susan, I'm in desperate need of CABG surgery but have no insurance and my money can't afford the treatment here in US. I know I'm screwed, but I want to still think positive since I know it's not the end of the world yet. I'm planning to go abroad since the cost of surgery is much lower. I am hoping someone on here can give me some advice about on my situation.


Hello Susan, hope you're doin' fine. I like your strong spirit in handling you heart disease. Going for a treatment abroad is not a bad idea, in fact I think that's a good decision since the cost of treatment abroad is lower and the quality is great. I would like to share the medical tourism that my aunt used on her heart surgery in India .  Before we finalize our decision in going abroad for the treatment, we ask for help on some of the  organisation/foundation here in our place. After we have saved enough money for the surgery, we were able to find a trusted medical tourism in Colorado  who help us in find the best hospital and qualified surgeons in India. They also arrange for my aunt's accomodation, treatment and any other form of care. The cost of CABG in India is approximately US $4000-6000 which is a huge savings for us.

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