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These guys seem to have former NHS consultants in their team and the prices are extremely good. But has anyone tried surgery abroad privately?
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I was thinking about going to Sweden this summer to have a nose job there. My aunt lives there and she says that the Swedes are such professionals in what they do and that the price is not as high. We still need to do some researching but I am more than interested.
Who did you have in mind? I couldn’t see who you talked about because the addresses were deleted. I don’t think it is allowed to post private emails here.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you

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My name is Carmela and I went to Bolivia with Makeover Travel, I had a breast job, liposuction and butt augmentation, I am very happy because after 11 months I can see my results, its amazing how I changed, I have a new body!

The prices were to me the best, I didn’t find cheaper prices and even I saw thousands of surgeons I was looking for a guarantee but surgeons don’t offer any guarantee, that why I chose this medical organisation, they offer to organize everything and they work for the patient that’s why you can chose where do you want to stay, who do you want to be your surgeon, your clinic, in fact they give you the facilities depending on your needs , for example I decided to have my surgery at the Nuclear Clinic which is one of the best in Santa Cruz, I stayed in the Camino Real Hotel because is the best in Santa Cruz , I had to pay USD$18 per night because everything was included it was just for this choice because normally they offer you the Best Western;I chose also my surgeon who was Dr. Milton because since I met him I felt confident and safe, most of the people say that the first impression is the most important and I have no regrets, he did a wonderful job!

I think Santa Cruz Bolivia is a good place for a cosmetic experience, is small, with lovely people, lovely atmosphere, nice infrastructures, excellent professionals, nice food, everything I wanted, I am sure that you will like it a lot!