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Hi all,
I was wondering if there is any plastic surgeon in Canada doing the Cheek Bone reduction surgery ..wat is the cost estimate for the procedure.



Hey I am not sure about Canada but I think for this procedure you should do better research.

How old are you? And do you really need this type of surgery?

My aunt has done this surgery among everything else what she has done and she was happy. All her family including myself thought that that surgery wasn't necessary and we still think the same. Luckily there were no side effects which are rare but can occur. And she did all her surgeries abroad because the cost of this surgery in USA is very high. The cost varies from town to town, for example the New York is the most expensive one. And then if you want to choose good surgeon the price is getting higher.

So if you don't really need this surgery my opinion is then don't do it. Instead of that use this money to visit some exotic place.