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I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 four years ago and my doctor gave me Byetta along with information on a healthy diet and exercise. I took Byetta before I was pregnant and I stopped taking it when I got pregnant. I had my baby and I'm wondering if I can go back on Byetta. The reason I ask is because I'm breastfeeding. Is it possible for Byetta to pass into breast milk and harm my baby in some way. I'm really worried about this. I don't want anything to happen to my baby. I'll just have to figure out another way to get control of my blood sugar levels. Anyone known anything about Byetta and breast milk? Please help! Thanks


It's good to think of these things. It shows you are a responsible mother. The FDA has classified Byetta as a pregnancy Category C. Byetta has only been tested on pregnant mice and the results are somewhat disturbing. You have to consider that the test was done on mice and we don't necessarily react to medications the way mice do. And, in animals studies, dosages are often much higher than a human would use. At any rate, it is not known if Byetta passes into breast milk at this time. You'll need to consult with your doctor to see whether he/she feels you can take Byetta when breastfeeding, just take Byetta, or just breastfeed. If it were me, since nothing is really known about Byetta in humans, I would take it because I think breastfeeding is important to the well being of your baby. There are a number of other alternatives to Byetta. Your doctor can help you with that.


I've had diabetes type 2 for 6 years now and I don't take drugs of any kind and I'm 61 years old. I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly and that works for me. I avoid pharmaceuticals unless it's a matter of life and death. I wouldn't even think of taking Byetta every again. Do you really need it?