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So it was my birthday the other day and she wanted to give me a ha****b, after a while I had my penis out some transparent fluid came out and I wiped it with a paper towel. Then after a while we kissed and some fluid came out AGAIN, which i didnt fully notice but it went a bit on my shirt and some on my left hand like on the knucles. I can't remember if I got any on my right hand thou, then we kissed and might have rubbed my hand on her clothes or on her skin elsewhere since we were both clothed still. Then I rubbed her vagina a bit on top and a little bit close to the entering. I am fairly certain I had little to no precum in my hands at that time but I stopped and she finished me off and then we used wips to clean out hands. I am also fairly certain that I peed before meeting her. IS there a risk here. She is gonna have her period in about a week and a half and I am worried sick. Never doing that again. I've been looking for answers to help me find some sort of closure. PLEASE HELP :(


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If she had underwear on still when you touched her vagina then you would be ok so try not to worry and the same goes for her too.