I am a 13 year old uncircumcised male and only recently have I discovered that I could pull back my foreskin. Trying it during/after my shower I pulled my foreskin back just a bit. I released it and every time that my penis was flaccid I pulled the foreskin back more and more. I released the foreskin once I felt myself becoming erect. Currently I am able to pull back my foreskin past the head when I am flaccid, and the foreskin will stay down and not hurt as long as I am flaccid. When I start to become erect, my frenlum feels like it's stretched out and it hurts when I get erect, and at this point I just release my foreskin and I have only ever had my penis semi-erect with the foreskin past the head. but when I pull my foreskin back when I'm flaccid, my frenlum looks red and so does some of the skin around it. When I am erect I am able to pull the foreskin back, but just partially over the glans. Is this normal?