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Thanks to all who reads this. My partner and I the other day were not careful and I fingered her for maybe 5 seconds after touching my penis with my fingers. Im pretty sure I didnt touch it with the finger I used, but i did with other close, and were still worrying. I had urinated before ( ive been reading up about it, and everything says urinating before lessens the chance) , but i had pre cum on my penis, and we both touched it before i fingered her. Then we realized and i quickly stopped. She is on her period now, say maybe three days into it. This happened today.

How long does sperm survive in the open air?
What should we do?
How to we gain access to morning after pills, or something other in case we need to?
Is there is massive chance she could get pregnant?

We are both responsible young adults, and realize our mistake ( or rather mine) in doing what we did.


what had happened to you nw? im having the same situation nw t.t