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I am 16 years old. Im uncircumsised and I masturbate daily. My convern is that I will not be ableto maintain en erection / ejaculate when I am with a girl. I have no problem ejaculating when i masturbate normally, butif i pull my foreskin back and try to masturbate like that i actually cannnot ejaculate and eventually lose an erection.

This is concerning me, i recieved oral sex from a girl a few weeks ago and it wasnt as strong a sensation as i 1st though, we were.. 'interupted' and it stopped there. even still, i dont think ill be able to ejaculate? when i pull my foreskin back, the rim of my penis head is quite sensitive.

Im generally looking advice, i cant have erectile dysfunction at 16!!!!

Thanks, Anoy

PS. SOrry fi i have doubled posted this :S


Well, if you were interrupted by someone else barging in, or by time, or anything, of course you may not have had all that you expected.

Sexual response is a learned behavior. It take a while to get comfortable with a partner. Prior to this, all you had to do was thrill yourself...not coordinate with another.

Give yourself some time and experience before you leap to any conclusions that you have ED at 16!

You'll find techniques that work for you, and your partner will learn what works best for you too. It takes time.

It's never mind-blowing on the first time. Newlyweds are taught that.
We should too.