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hey i'm a 16 year old guy. i'm uncircumcised and i haven't had sex. yet. but i was wondering about my foreskin. i know that i should have safe sex, but let's just say that i'm not. which i'm not planning on but if i do, should i pull my foreskin back and let the head out and put it in? or should i do it with the foreskin over the head? and if i do either what are the. results? i mean like can one of them do something bad? or making it more likely for me to catch a disease? knowing that either way, unprotected sex has a higher chance of me and my partner catching a disease.


The foreskin is there to protect the sensitive glans, I am personally against circumcision. When you masturbate or have sex, the skin will come back over the head, and just be under the head of it. And as long as you have good clean hygiene - just water is needed on the head (as you don't want soap underneath the foreskin for it to build up) and you will be fine!

NOW infront of me, the computer, and ALL the people reading this I want you to say after me "I JAJA will NEVER EVER EVER have unprotected sex - meaning without a condom - EVER! I promise to ALWAYS have condoms with me, and I also promise to pull out and ejaculate into the condom, which will almost make getting a girl pregnant almost 100% fool proof, and I will NEVER think to just have unprotected sex for like 2 seconds etc. as this is ALL it takes to get someone pregnant. Also I will NOT listen to my friends about sex, as they know NOTHING and about 1/2 of them WILL end up being dads soon than later.."

So in a nutshell a condom is VERY thin - you still feel the WHOLE experience, but this way you are protected! The only STI's you can still get are Genital Warts, HPV, Herpe - it the sores are on the vagina, inner thigh or rectum, and crabs. So KNOW the history of the person you are with! IF you ALWAYS use a condom - you should NEVER have the need to go and get a test at your local STI clinic! Did you know that Syphillis in North America has increased by upto 500% in the last 5 years? this was almost erradicated 10 years ago! The rate of HIV has gone down, BUT others - that stay with you for life - have taken it's place and DRAMATICALLY! So respect yourself and your future OK?


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Let's review the operation of a correctly functioning foreskin during sex. When you insert the penis into the vagina the foreskin will go back by itself and it will locate itself correctly inside. That is to say the head will be all the way out of the foreskin when the penis is all the way inside. As you pull out the foreskin will remain in place against the vaginal wall and the head will be going in and out of the foreskin. This provides the greatest comfort and pleasure for your partner and you as your head will not be scraping against the vaginal wall but it will be coming out to get caressed by the soft flesh inside at the end of the stroke.

As you can see, if you pull it back before inserting it, it will make no difference. It will still locate itself properly unless you hold it back so your head stays out and functions like a circumcised penis.

Since there are quite a few circumcised men and there are certainly ladies who have sex with them, the rubbing of the head against the vaginal wall is something that women can obviously become accustomed to, and some probably prefer it.

If you are going to use a condom I would think it best to pull the foreskin back before putting it on, so your head will not be poking out of it with each stroke, attempting to break through the end of the condom.