Hello everyone, first off, i'm 16 and im from portugal, me and my girlfriend have been dating for 1 year now and started having sex 5 months ago. But whenever we have sex i cant ejaculate , NEVER,me and her we both were virgins and shes on the pill so we can have sex without condoms but with and without condoms i can ejaculate.

I masturbate max 3 times per day and sometimes i stay without masturbating for several days. but average i masturbate once per day maximum.

we tried many positions and i simply cant ejaculate we've done it for hours...

Also i have something called phimosis my foreskin is too tight and cant retract but during sex it retract (but cant fully get past the glans) and i dont even feel it so i think thats not the problem. what can i do to ejaculate quickly???

this is really making me feel bad ;c please help me