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Im 16 going on 17 still a virgin. I have been masturbating since I was 14 and I have some real concerns. I dont know the first thing about sexual health.

Recently ive noticed a strange smell. I thought it was someone else but now I know its me. When I was masturbating I noticed this pale yellow stuff on the head. I dont know what it is but I think the two are connected.

I tried to pull down my foreskin to look at that area but ive never been able to get the roeskin around the glands. But from what I could see there was a build up of the stuff.

I tried to touch it but I have a sensitivity problem it seems.

I read about the not being able to pull the foreskin back thing and im wondering is that why theres a strange build up of stuff? I cant get down there and clean properly. Its not hurting or itchy its just alarming and scary to see.

Im really scared and dont know what to do. Ive told no one about it and im ashamed of myself. Please any help would be greatly appreciated because im feling really down, embarassed and scared about it. I dont want to go through life as a freak :-(


if you have any yellow, you NEED to go to the doctors. Don't be embarassed, they see this stuff all the time so it's nothing to them and they can help you and get rid of the problem. The only thing you should be scared about is NOT going to the doctors. If you are too embarassed to tell your mother, tell her you need to go to the doctors because of soemthing else (make up a lie) so she will take you and then you can tell him when you are alone. PLEASE GO. Yellow is NOT normal and it wont go away, only get worse, and it can be fixed.