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hey, ok i juat rolled my foreskin down and i looked at the front of it and there was a black nerv or a black somthing on it and i am really really scared as wll i have yellow stuff on it could someone please tell me if i need to see a doctor and when i try to clean it i start feeling sick and i have to stop and im afriad to pull my foreskin all the back to the bottom of the bump where the foreskin ends but im afreiad of doing it please help me somone i really need help


Yes, you need to clean under there more frequently.

Yes, it must be done regularly.

If you're in pain or have adheasions, where it's stuck on the head, you need to go see a doctor.

Tohelp you, sit in a warm bath for a short while before you attempt the next cleaning.

The yellow smelly stuff is smegma and it has to be removed by hand if you're uncircumcized.