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hello I'm 16 and and I've had my problem since i can remember my foreskin is to tight and i cant pull it behind my glands because it really hurts ive tried stretching but when i do that my glands get really small and its painful i once went to the doctor about this when i was little but i cant remember what he said i cant go to the doctors again because that would mean i would have to tell me mum and i just cant talk about this stuff with her this is really making me feel depressed i feel like im a freak


hii i have had the same problem as you however recently after stretching it daily it works
i would advise you carry on strtching everyday and try to a go a little further each day


I'm 16 goin on 17 and I think I have the Same Problem but I'm not sure

When my penis is errect its longer but the foreskin just
stays in the same place and dorsn't want to pull back, I'm
afraid to go see a doctor and to tell my parents cause its embarrassin
rele, I need help cause I'm goin out with this girl and she asked me
would i have sex and I'm afraid that i won't get as much pleasure,

Idon;t know wat to do, I feel like a freak because of it

Is there anythin I can do to make it want to go back, cause
she rele wants to do it and i feel rele uncomfortable when
she says it to me

Help!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :-( :-( :-( :-(


I have this problem mildly.
It goes all the way back when i have an erection, but it is kind of painful.
Stretching can probably help, but think about it
The whole of your penis is sensitive, possibly the foreskin the most,
so the way i see it - what's better? to just have the one layer on contact (penis head on vagina)
Or to have two layers of contact (penis head, foreskin, vagina)
Either way, just tell your girlfriend, and if she's understanding, then bingo, and if she's not, then well you shouldn't be with her.


hi, im 15 and my foreskin cant pull back much at all.....i have tried stretching every day in the shower but so far it hasnt helped so far........

theres one thing wrong about what you said, luke... if you have sex when you are not able to pull ur foreskin back, it will pull back during sex and then it will tear and bleed and hurt intensely.....

the only answer i have right now is that you should keep stretching in a hot shower... every morning (or whenever you shower), take a hot shower and take time to pull back your foreskin as much as you can.... hold it for 30 seconds, and then release..... THEN you can masturbate ;P :-D :-P

i hate how im like this because my girlfriend asked me if i wanted to have sex with her but i had to refuse :'( because i knew it would tear and bleed.... :'(


oh and when i read a couple other posts about this... people said to tell your parents (preferrably dad because he has a penis, too), and see if they had the same problem as you do when they were small and see how it could be resolved........ someone actually said to ask your dad if you could see his penis to see the difference and maybe get help from him... O.O; (this method would be very uncomfortable)

i find telling my parents would be REALLY uncomfortable....... o.O o.O o.O o.O o.O and it would be SO embarassing


Yes, it can be embarrasing to bring this up to a parent...

However, it can also open doors of communication, allowing the parent to realize that his son has developed farther than he realized.

As the most direct route to getting valuable information about your development and if you have a problem, speaking to the person you are most genetically alike can't be beat! 8-|