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Hi im 15
i cant pull my foreskin back
im scared
i dont no what to do
i cannot masterbate
i told my brother and he says i need it circumsised
i really need help because it effecting my daily life



Firstly, you'll be pleased to know that you shouldn't need to be circumcised. Also, are you sure you "can't" masturbate? You just need to find a technique that stimulates you.

No need to be scared, what you need to do is gently stretch your foreskin every time you take a bath. Gently pull the foreskin back towards your body, then before it starts to hurt stop. Return it, pull it away from your body a couple of times and then try pulling back again, and try to go a little bit further than last time.

It isn't a quick process so take your time, go really gently and don't force it anywhere. When it gets loose enough to get behind the glans you should take extra care to avoid it getting stuck there. But you shouldn't have to worry about this for a while.

Hopefully thats helped you a little. Any questions let me know and keep us updated on your progress :)


Hi 14Toner:

Well you certainly don't need to be circumcised. Circumcision is a very hurtful and injurious operation and it is not necessary.

It is normal at age 15 to NOT be able to pull your foreskin back. Furthermore, you do not need to pull your foreskin back to masturbate. Try holding your foreskin in your fist and pulling to forward away from your body and then back again. Do that over and over sort of fast and see if that works for you.