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I have always had issues with my weight. I eat all the time, and I eat healthy foods, for some reason though I can't gain back my weight.
I just had a severe attack of stomach pain a few months ago and dropped 30 lb in 3 weeks. I have never had any extra weight to lose and I am very active in dance. I had to drop out of everything and was going to the doctor every other day. They never found anything but the pain went away about two months ago. Howwever, I have failed to gain any of my weight back.
I am 15, female, and currently 103 lb and 5ft 8in. Please help.


How often are you eating a day? If you live an active lifestyle you should definitely be eating 4-6 times per day, high protein, high fat (good fats i.e.: nuts, olive oil, avocados) and plenty of veggies. You could also standing to add a few high protein, high nutritious smoothies or shakes with extra whey protein.

Have you every gotten a food allergy test? There could be a food that you are sensitive to, that your body may be reacting to. I was constipated, gassy and bloated for many years, finally I got a food allergy test and found out that I am sensitive to: eggs, dairy, almonds and gluten. Since i have cut those all out of my diet the constipation has gone away. After years of living with it, amazing what a little bit of information can do for you.

Good luck!