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im 6 ft and 163 pounds. I play football so i am healthy and fit. I have strange problem in that although im not really skinny i have thin arms compared to the rest of my body. So ive decided to up my cals intake. Since last monday ive been eating lots of pasta, chicken, brown bread, fruits, beans, veg, peanut butter, bagels, and fish. For breakfast ive been eating a half a bowl of cherrios and a half a bowl of granola. I also have two oranges/bananna'a/apples as well and take multi-vitamin, calcium and vitamin d tablets. For lunch i have a proper meal usually chicken or tuna pasta/patatoes and pork with veg etc. For dinner i have the same as lunch with extra veg. In between them 3 meals i have peanut butter bagles and low fat yogurts and sometimes a can of sardines. I will post my weight gain results each week and try and alter my meals to see if that works.

Does anyone have the same problem as me and do they know any good foods that are high in protein/carbs that are small so i can include in my meals?

thanks, Mark.


First of all you have to throw you multi-vitamins can in the trash bin! because you are justing consuming synthetic vitamins witch are very bad to you health believe it or not !
The second thing you have to do is to throw the calcium supplement in the trash bin, using this c**p shell calcium will only increase your risk of developing kidney stones and destroying you stomach.
Vitamins and minerals occurs only in natural food not in pills, those pills are medication not food, they had to be used by doctor to treat some particular cases !!
I you want to gain muscles you have to do bodybuilding, you have to use your muscles, increasing you proteins intake without exercising will only give fat body.
Bear in mind don't eat too much proteins, high protein diet will decrease you calcium level ! high proteins is a true killer.
Joe wiedder, Arnold Schwarzenegger both of them had heat surgery, do not believe anything you see in american sport magazines !