I'm a married 27 year old mother of one. My son was born in 2000 and I had a cyst(which was a 'disappearing twin') caused them to remove the whole left tube and ovary.

After I was married in Sept. 2006 my husband decided since I had a previous miscarriage a month before we got married that really devastated us along with, my obese weight, chronic lumbar pain(that eventually led to surgery) that it would be wise I get fixed including my uterus cauterized from long, painful, heavy periods.

Well, since I was fixed by a cauterized ligation on my right-side and uterine wall to stop the heavy flow, I never had a period again since November 2006.

I wanted to know, after watching a show on Discovery Health about not knowing you are pregnant even with HPT, blood tests, etc. if I could still be at risk by chance? Only reason I ask now is because I have lost over 120lbs of weight, have gotten better physically/mentally and actually had spotting, decreased sex drive though odd tingly feelings like butterflies not the 'oh-la la type' but increased vaginal fluid that is clear and stretchy, not the creamy looking or dryness as usual.

I guess I should add in my occasional nausea, diarrhea, cramping and basically felt like I had the flu without a fever. Plus a really strong need for chocolate that borders on addiction right now.

I mean we all get our sweet tooth's & lovemaking feelings but never like this for me. Also sleeping issues, with major fatigue though, bloating and massive migraines.

I had a flu shot this year, had the usual stomach virus my son brought home from school and other than some small colds, been pretty healthy and proud of it. Even family doctor is impressed with it.

I did talk to my family doctor about my amenorrhea since 2006 and he said it is very improbable to get pregnant but did do blood tests on me in case it was something else going on but not an HCG level. I'm also getting sensitive nipples and some discharge but I always had a small discharge happen occasionally since I had my son, though my prolactin levels are fine. Blood work shows I'm 100% healthy.

Apology for the lengthy message above yet...just curious if you ever heard of a cauterized tubal ligation woman getting pregnant after so long and having the absence of a period then a sudden bloody show after a month of the symptoms I mentioned above. I'm even getting breakouts on my face which I never get unless hormonally(period or pregnant).

Any ideas? Just afraid of having etopic or no prenatal care. I take a lot of pain medications still for my back(narcotics included) and find it odd too I'm getting spasms pretty bad lately. I do smoke cigarettes but other than that I try to keep a healthy diet of food/drinks(no alcohol) and I do take a multivitamin for women&energy. They have higher amounts of Iron, Omegas and Folic acid since it is supposed to help with the fatigue.

Guess I'm one confused girl when it comes to this questionable issue. My OB/GYN I had for years retired so I needed a new one and had to be considered "new patient" thus an appointment for my yearly was made except it isn't for another month. Dumb rules they have for 1st appointments of a new patient. HMOs, hooraay!

Thanks for reading and any help or responses.