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Every time i use chap stick my throat starts to heart and it feels like it closed up. anybody else?


A lot of people have allergies to chap ticks especially if it has bee's wax in it, lately there has been a trend with bee's wax in balms and chap sticks so you might wanna check the one your using, also certain chemicals you can be allergic to, people who aren't even allergic to bee's are known to be allergic to bee's wax when put on their lips though, well... all humans do get some sort of reaction to a bee when first stung like their heart starts to race for a bit and  they get a bit faint but when bee's wax is put on the lips which are most sensitive, it's known to cause an allergic reaction including the lips breaking out. I would advice you to just not use any chap sticks or lip balms for a month and then find a natural lip balm, but don't use it any more than once or twice a week, there is no need to use it more than that otherwise your lips get used  to relying on the balm to moisturize the lips and will start to dry out the lips, instead drink water to moisten your lips for the rest of the week.