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Around 3 days ago, i woke up in the morning with pretty swollen lips. And its the second time that this swollen lips in the morning thing happened again. This time round i really dont know what could the possible cause be, as i stopped using my beeswax chapstick thinking that it was the cause of the first incident.


Like the first time, the whole "situation" repeats itself where,

- the 1st day is the swelling and itching,

- 2nd day is the itching, burning and a lil bit of dryness (and extremely small, sandy like bumps starts to appear)

- 3rd day is completely dried, scaly lips. Feels very irritated. And not a single chapstick i own could calm it down. 

Then it usually goes away and turning my lips back to normal after a week. 

weird things i cannot figure out:


- My lips feels like its excreting some water when i apply chapstick. (Sweating lips?!) AND when i was trying to rub off the dried skin on the 3rd day, the parts where ive managed to rub away, excretes water and becomes dry my lips is trying to get drier and drier.

I am sure its not angular cheilitis or herpes. This is my second time facing this issue and its sooo fustrating and stressing me out. I also dont know if i should go to random clinics where i could potentially waste my time and money if they dont have any clue what am i facing OR should i go to a hospital or a specific clinic ?? Please help!! Thank u so muchh !!!



A lot of people are allergic to some chemicals that are put in chapsticks, nobody knows what it is but i recommend finding something natural but only putting it on your lips once or twice a week, your lips start to rely on chapsticks and balms if you use them too much and causes the lips to start drying up, i always recommend to drink water because if your lips are dry most likely your thirsty and not drinking enough water, nobody seems to disagree with me there lol, so drink more water and use the water to moisten your lips most days of  the week, carry a bottle of water around with you, lip dryness usually indicates your  thirsty.