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Ive been dating my bf fr 3mnths nw ...he was maried 2 ds lady den da lady left him acording 2 wht he sad he says da lady cheated on a 29 year old lady wth 1 child...i realy love him cnt live scared 2 b alone...i feel lyk im a looser...he cheats almost evryweek...n whn i confrnt him he become aggresive...last week i found manstrual blood on a duvetcover...whn i visited him i asked him abt it he jst sad its milo nthing serius he dznt cheat...da following day i found a ladys jacket in his walrobe he sad it belongs 2 his frnds galfrnd...pls help me ...i love him alot...n he says he loves me he wana maryme da problm is he dznt hv enough mony


Hi Kat,

You are NOT a loser. 

You are better than this guy.  Find yourself someone that RESPECTS you and isn't cheating on you.  Why would you want to marry someone that is cheating on you.

There are men out there that won't cheat on you.  Stand up for yourself and RESPECT YOURSELF.

Good luck.