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i have one day a week were i can eat a sweet or something else i like or crave. im a cook and i needed to try a new recepie on a cake.. Caramelmarshmallow cheesecake minis.. i ate a little and now im feeling so sick in my stomach. i see a pattern cause last week i ate chocolate and was sick for 3 days. Someone else who get sick when they eat fatty stuffs while on xenical??


Hello Majalena, 

it's not uncommon to experience nausea/ vommiting while on Xenical and even more so if you are eating food high in fat content. That's because Xenical practically works for weight loss because it blocks the absorption of fat from any food you eat. Usually this fat gets disposed through bowel movement, but in some cases - like yours - it can cause nausea and vomitting. If you can, try reaching your target weight with the help of Xenical and absolutely minimize intake of fatty foods, but if nausea continues to happen, perhaps you need to consider other methods for losing weight.

By the way, Caramelmarshmallow cheesecake minis sound soooo awesome :)