Hello, it's very late and I am panicking here.I can only hope this is all just anxiety causing this.

I have been having chest pains regularly, usually after consuming bad foods, which I admit I eat in excess. It can be during rest or activity that I get this pain.

I also have issues with panic attacks, but the panic is more recent and the chest pain has been going on for many years.

Now I worry that I may have Coronary artery disease or something similar, and I am very worried about it. I can't sleep at night.

I was usually told by my parents not to worry about it if it's a reaction to what I eat, and when I've told my doctor about it he checked my blood pressure, said it was fine and nothing was done after that.

I really need some guidance here, does this sound serious, or could it be anxiety all along?

If it sounds serious, I need to know what steps I need to take. I don't want to die early from this, and I already worry with my panic attacks about if it will really be a heart attack one day.