I had my lower left and upper wisdom tooth extracted Sept of 2015. One year later my chin and lower lip is still numb! I am for the most part in constant pain, lost 22 lbs, have had to cut back at work. I no longer enjoy eating, pain worse with talking and my social life is nonexistent! I work as an RN. The surgeon who did this to me never mentioned possibility of nerve damage. I didn't get to read my consent because he forgot to give it to me and was just going to start an IV..so stupid me signed it without reading it. to make matters worse I am single and do not have a second income.  I am currently in search of an attorney to sue him. I live in Minneapolis,MN. I am on countless meds, saw endless doctors..my last effort is to go to Mayo clinic and see if they can help me. Any support or advice would be helpful. these oral surgeons that butcher people need to be stopped!!!!