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my daughter age 4 has just has been confirmed as good as blind and my husband at the time gave me chlymidia while is was 7 and a half months pregnant with here i was also 2 centermiteres at the time would this have contributed to her problem?


How come that you haven’t been treated for this Chlamydia infection before your labor.

First of all, Chlamydia has been linked with premature deliveries because of the infection stimulating the rupture of your uterine membranes. It could also cause low birth weight and even be passed to your child, which has obviously happened.

When baby passes through the birth canal, it may come in contact with your blood and vaginal fluids and through this contact bacteria is also passed. The bacteria may infect baby’s genitals, lungs, ears and eyes. The two most common infections are pneumonia and conjunctivitis. The symptoms of conjunctivitis appear 10 days after birth and include redness and irritation, swollen eyelids or discharge from their eyes. This conjunctivitis can be very damaging and lead to blindness that could be cured if the baby is treated right away with antibiotics.

Oh, I just realized that you child is already four years old. Well, the blindness could have appeared if she’s been infected with Chlamydia during delivery and hasn’t been treated. Have you reported this to her doctors?