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I have just had sex with my current partner and started having signs of Chlamydia just 3 days after our first encounter. I'm confused as to whether he had given it to me or if I had contracted it from a previous partner 1-2 weeks prior.

My question is, it is possible to show signs/symptoms of Chlamydia just 3 days after having intercourse with someone infected.



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hey there,

there is a very very slight possibility it could have been from your most recent sexual encounter but chlamydia typically takes 1-3 weeks to show symptomes. it normally shows very little or no symptoms at all. which is not good because then it goes untreated and can cause permanate sterility or fertility issues.
go get checked because if you do have it then you most likely passed on to the last few people you slep with and they will need to get treated as well.