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I'm 32 years old, have Lupus Nephritis, and I'm pregnant with twins. I only have 23% of my kidneys working. I have 1 in 3 chance of being put on dialysis before the end of my pregnancy. That terrifies me! I've read some posts of other woman who are currently on dialysis and who want children. My question is, how is your quality of life being on dialysis, and is there any worries of the challenges of being on dialysis while trying to raise a family.


It is possible to live a life time on dialysis. There are Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemo Dialysis. The difference is that Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) uses a membrane in your body lined with red blood cells and a fluid called dialysate (not sure if I spelled that right) where toxins from the blood go into the fluid through osmosis and diffusion (like how tea in a tea bag goes into water) and then drained out when it is time for "an exchange" and new fluid. Hemo Dialysis (HD) uses a fistula or graft surgically put into your arm (or leg in some cases) or through a catheter in your chest to take a small amount of blood at a time outside of your body and through a machine to do the cleaning of your blood instead of inside your body and then clean blood returned to you. Dialysis not only cleans the blood but removes excess fluid as when kidneys fail, after a time they stop producing pee. Pee is made in the kidneys and then sent to your bladder and then you pee it out.

Even though I am registered here under a name I never have used anywhere on the net for privacy reasons (am here asking about non-kidney private health questions) I know all about all this because I have been on both those types of dialysis and have had 2 kidney transplants. I was 16 when I started on dialysis the first time.